Brock Water

Brock is the Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada

The Township of Brock is the Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate newcomer, this undisputed haven for smallmouth bass promises world-class fishing that’ll leave you hooked!

The Undisputed Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada

When it comes to landing some colossal smallmouth bass in Canada, there’s no place quite like the Township of Brock, nestled around the famous Lake Simcoe. Anglers all over North America swear by this spot as the Small Mouth Bass Capital of Canada. And it’s no wonder! Lake Simcoe has earned a global reputation for being the ultimate hotspot to hook those big ol’ smallmouth bass.

Ask any top angler, and they’ll point you straight to Lake Simcoe, particularly the waters of Beaverton in Brock Township. That’s where the real big fish like to hang out. Over the past decade, anglers have pulled off remarkable feats, bagging five-fish limits that exceed 35 pounds – you won’t see that anywhere else!

So, if you’re looking for the fishing day of your dreams, head on over to Lake Simcoe and explore the Township of Brock. You might just land some of the most gigantic smallmouth bass you’ve ever seen, living up to the hype of this fantastic fishing destination.


Know Before You Go

  • Check the Durham Regions weekly beach report throughout the summer to make sure beaches and lakes are safe for swimming.
  • Conditions out on the lake can shift quickly. Know what kind of weather to expect and plan accordingly.
  • Implement a safety plan by letting others know where you’re planning to fish and when you plan on returning.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and equipment both for safety and to ensure that you have the most comfortable and pleasurable fishing experience possible.
  • You must have a valid fishing license. Be sure to get one before you head out to the lake.

Beaverton Harbour

  • Marinas in Brock

    You can launch or dock your boat at Beaverton Harbour located at 24 Harbour Park Cres. in Beaverton. Daily passes, 3-day passes and seasonal passes are available. Boats docking at Beaverton Harbor for 3 hours or less, can dock free of charge!