Marinas in Brock

The following information is courtesy of the Township of Brock. Please visit Township of Brock: Marinas for the most accurate and up to date docking fees and daily rates.

Beaverton Harbour Boat Launch

You can launch or dock your boat at Beaverton Harbour located at 24 Harbour Park Cres. in Beaverton. Daily passes, 3-day passes and seasonal passes are available. Boats docking at Beaverton Harbor for 3 hours or less, can dock free of charge! Visit Township of Brock: Marinas for more information.

Private Marinas and Thorah Island Harbour Boat Launch

The Township of Brock has a variety of private marinas. If you are a frequent visitor to the Township of Brock or making a visit to Thorah Island, there are private options that might work for you. Learn more at Township of Brock: Marinas