Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada

Smallmouth Bass Logo Unveiled

Get ready to reel in the excitement as Brock has officially unveiled the logo that will position Brock as the undisputed Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada! On June 12th, 2023 the Township of Brock unveiled a design that captures the essence of this thrilling adventure—a dynamic smallmouth bass soaring through the air, determined to take on the challenge of a daring hook, all set against a breathtaking sunset backdrop.

Fueled by a quest for excellence, council wanted nothing less than the very best for this prestigious title, and they knew that turning to the talented hands of a certified, licensed graphic designer would yield a brand of unmatched quality.

As the Township works diligently to secure the illustrious designation of the Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada, the logo stands as a symbol of pride and anticipation. Inspired by the region’s love for angling and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it, this logo speaks volumes about the remarkable journey that lies ahead.

The Township is on the brink of an exhilarating journey, and they’re sparing no effort to make sure the world knows it. So buckle up, fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, because Brock is reeling in greatness and claiming its rightful title as the Smallmouth Bass Capital of Canada. Prepare to be hooked!